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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Link: Radiance Games Inc. The idea for the app came to us after struggle because our team loves to observe surroundings.

Radiance Games Inc. is a start-up game development company, based in NUST,Islamabad, Pakistan. The company has launched its first flagship game, Against The Flow, which is a unique story of a courageous swimmer, who knows how to swim against the flow, these characteristics are combined with gaming elements. It has launched Against The Flow on Google Store in June 2016, and is implementing a rigorous marketing plan to penetrate the market and gain viral success in this high growth market. Between months 1-2 management projects to gain 25,000, 100,000 and 500,000 users respectively, which translates into maximm revenue by 2017.

Our team had three members: Product Manager & Designer, Developer and Marketing Specialists; we were all working on different aspects of the app, based on our skills and experience. We’re all passionate about literature and we are all keen observer, so the idea came easily.

2. Organization and Management
Our team is so passionate and comprises of three dedicated and talented members. Mr. Sanwal Aftab is a graphics designer was involved in designing and Product Manager as well. Ms. Noor Jamil is a very game developer and was developing the game as she has the initial idea. Ms. Syeda Madiha Qamar as a Marketing person and was responsible for marketing through all the stages of  game's life cycle. She was responsible for Admob campaign. Hence, we are the team of motivated passionate people to bring the positive influence in the realm of game

The team consisted of three people. We decided to build it based on our skills and strengths. Our team lead was taking care of the organizational part and managing the app itself besides that he is designing as well (the Product Manager & Designer). Along with the PM we had our main developer, who had the initial app idea. The third member was responsible for marketing and monetization strategy. The PM was responsible for organizing weekly meetings and coordinating the whole process of game building. He was in charge of controlling timelines and providing feedback on a weekly basis. As part of product management he was working on designs, with developer and also marketing team member on game development and marketing, through all stages of the app’s lifecycle. Our developer was mostly focusing on the development part of the project and after the app was build he was technically supporting it, and resolving any technical issues or feature requests. Marketing team member was closely working with the PM on our monetization and marketing strategy, they were responsible for AdMob campaign set up, research and market analysis. The idea of the team management was democratic. Our team lead was the one who would organize the team, but we would make decisions on our weekly meeting by discussing hot topics and voting on them. In our first meeting we discussed the overall goal and our targets, agreed on our structure and who’s responsible for what. Every meeting we would set up tasks and due dates for every team member and monitor its completion and progress in the following meeting. During our teamwork we encountered a couple of challenges which came to be valuable experiences for us in the future. First of all, we realized that it’s important to be flexible and adjust to a changing environment. Second of all, to be proactive; it’s better to constantly monitor campaigns, the app and the market and make changes when needed.
3. App
The idea for the app came to us after struggle because our team loves to observe surroundings. We were all familiar with the feeling of being hurt and fighting back with the tough conditions of life  We decided that it would be great to have an app which can help people to feel better again about their present situation of life. All you need to do is just tap your mobile screen to enjoy the ride in water. Our intended audience is broad because anyone would want to use the app, from youngsters to adults. All those people are interested to use our app because it teaches them to fight back with the tough conditions of life. We wanted the name of the app to reflect the idea behind it. Unfortunately most of the names we came up with were already used as a trademark by similar sites! Finally, we decided to go with “AGAINST THE FLOW” with the slogan: “for our courageous swimmer. The main difficulty was with the depth of ocean, because we wanted to give user a real experience of ocean’s depth and difficulty. So we decided to gradually increase our game levels, but start with something smaller by letting our swimmer to swim across the sea and collect the coins. The second step in building the app was synchronizing the difficulty of life in game. Then those parameters were applied to all levels in our game. When the the logic of the app was created we started fleshing it out into a working app.

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