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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Click Here To Download: Gunship Battle Zombie War

To finish the chaos the Air Force has come into action.
A rich immersive war game with real mystical Zombie in an esoteric land and the survival story of the Gunship Battle Zombie War. Unleash your inner courage and feels the power of realistic gunship copter while flying through stunning battlefield.
Enjoy controls optimized for 3D flight.
So you are only single man to clean the city, one shotgun, limited ammo and lots of danger zombies so you have just one work to do is shooting zombies, europe plane and kill zombies and imagine that you are in a zombie game.

 Game Features: Gunship Battle Zombie War
• Destroy Enemies through Hard Gunship Battle 
• Battle Hardened Gunship Counter Shooter
• Mesmerizing Military War Zone Environment
• Dodge Gunship Strikes and Emerge as Warrior
• Real Life Conflict in Helicopter Battle

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