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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Battle War Strike 2017 The most advanced and thrilling Army Strike Battle Shooting mission Game is here

Modern wars and clashes will be fought in space which means you have to be prepared with your helicopters and gunships and other modern weapons which can be used in space. It is a best Shooting game ever regarding Gunship Helicopter. World of pacific Atlantic under naval war Bismarck.Whether you're a paintball player or a first-individual shooter fan, US Military Strike Battle will fulfill your yearning to impact the opposition! With pivotal movement and signal based controls including sliding, jumping, inclining out from cover, tossing explosives, and that's just the beginning, Fields of Battle takes the portable shooter experience to the challenging level. 

Battle gunship helicopters on Atlantic oceans, deep forests and hot deserts is all set to rush on. Apache Attack on jet fighters, Cobra Heli, F16, F18, army helicopters in this introductory modern war of military clashes is launched.
Battle War Strike 2017 offers thrilling world war challenge. Fight as frontline hero commando in furious tank & battle truck driver game. Drive hammer truck to destroy enemy war trucks and gunship helicopter. Transport missile to base camp by driving hill truck through offroad terrain. Driving battle truck in war zone is very dangerous.

According to the intelligence report, enemies have been have been setting up their military bases on the on the outskirts of the border area and preparing for an offensive strike against your country. Full military action could be devastating, resulting a full scale war. 


 Smooth game play and comfortable controls.

 Realistic air combats with 3D graphics.

 Experience the thrill of real jet fighter pilot.

 Challenging A.I controlled enemies.

 Enhance your gaming experience.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Team One shot Studios is proud to present an army truck heli in a real war game.

Team One shot Studios is proud to present a wonderful army truck game in a realistic war situation.

You would have probably played a number of army truck games.

Army Truck Helicopter Attack puts you in the gunner seat of the most powerful combat helicopters. Strategically fire your powerful machines guns and devastating missiles to slay hordes of enemies across the world. 

To finish the chaos the Air Force has come into action.
war game with real mystical Zombie in an esoteric land and the survival story of the Gunship Battle Zombie War. Unleash your inner courage and feels the power of realistic gunship copter while flying through stunning battlefield.

Drive Army Base coach Truck game gives you a feel of all in one game. If you are a lover of cargo games, cargo transport games, army cargo games then supplies truck of army is perfect for you. When you drive supplies truck your duty is to transport food, water, clothes and other necessities to solders. If you love to get into a shoe of bus driver and love to play a driving games and bus driving games then soldier truck should be desirable for you.

Buckle up seat belt and drive missile army truck in this 3D Missile Launcher US Army Truck driving simulation game. Position missile launcher on parking area and fire missiles on militants and terrorists. This epic Missile Launcher Army Truck 3d simulator is best realistic army truck driving launcher 3D simulation game.

Join Army as Military Bus Driver Simulator on Rough Terrain, Hills Climbing & Mountains of Border Area. Pick & Drop Army Soldier from Army Barrack/Garrison to Commandos Base Camp & Military Head Quarter of UK Army to Perform their Military Teams Duty. Army Truck Driver Cargo Duty is the game in which you transport cargo filled with things that are necessary for the war areas , and military use. Its your duty to relieve your brothers fighting for your country and provide them with things that they need.

You will see how Army Truck Driver Cargo Duty game will let cargo truck transport goods and luggage to places where there is a severe condition, like drought, flood or earthquake. People rely on army and you, as an efficient soldier have to fulfill people's expectations.

Your goal is to pick solders from their main base camp and drop them to different bases locates in a city. When you complete above 2 missions now your duty is to drive a big 4x4 real truck to transport oil. Now you get a chance to deliver oil and simulate a driving of oil transport truck. Transport oil use for other tanks, jet fighters and helicopters. Drive army check post truck and transport deadly missile which use in battlefield by frontline solders.
Caution!! Drive safe and don't fall army truck. It contains deadly missiles.

Journey begun from an army base camp. You are a driver of a military and being a military driver your duty is to drive an army Bus throughout a mountain and drop army commando to their check post and military bases. Challenging drive, limited time and mountain are the key task for a military driver.

Soldiers are for the battlefield. They have enough time to reach a check post. In this game you duty is to drive a real army truck and help army commando to fulfill their mission.. An adventurous drive will start whenever you will start the engine of Legend army truck monster.

How to play:

• tilt your mobile to move truck.
• tap left or right button to move truck left or right.
• use steering to turn your truck.
• press race button to move forward.
• press brake button to stop the truck.
• keep press brake button to move back. 
- High quality 3D graphics despite compact app size
- Fast paced naval battles with authentic warships from the World War II era
- Customize your warships with different weapons and parts to win the battle
- Episodes and hidden missions based on real WWII naval battles.
- No network connection is required after downloading the game

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Flight Simulator 3D PIA 2017 is an awesome new 3D Airplane Simulator game, become the pilot and fly your commercial jet to the destination.

Get yourself the best plane and go HIGHER!

Get ready for the thrill of experiencing the controlling and flying a commercial airplane aircraft in Flight Simulator 3D PIA 2017

With realistic airplane cockpit controls, you control the plane to fly safely through the air and help get the passengers to their destination on time.
With 20 unique levels (more soon to come), your piloting skills will be tested to the limits.!

Flight Simulator 3D PIA is a sophisticated flight simulator that includes 12 planes, 4 detailed cities, and over 9 airports. The player can fly anything from single-engine aircraft to jumbo jets

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Android Spin Diamond Game Ui

4x4 Offroad Snow Prado Driving

Drive monster Prado Truck on the snowy Roads in the mountains Tracks & show your crazy offroad Prado driving with expert skills.Mountain Prado 3d Luxury car driving will give you the look & experience of your life in Prado car simulator 2017 in simulation games.Luxury LX Prado snow mountain offroad driving is real life Prado car driving simulation which gives you the experience of real life 4X4 jeep Driving.Drive Offroad Prado on the Mountain area covered with snow of the Express Way Murree & enjoy the winter holidays in Murree snowfall by driving there in Prado Car.Prado Off-road Adventure will take you from the city roads to the unlimited Adventures in Snow Mountains of KPK & Northern Areas of Pakistan.You will have a life time experience in the off road 4X4 prado luxury driving & will have fun all the time in the Crazy 4x4 Prado Off-road Simulator.This 4X4 offroad Prado rally with the Heavy traffic in the snowy mountains of the Northern Areas will make you addict to this game.

Earn points & unlock new cars, Parado, Jeeps, SUV & Escalades in this game by completing the missions & tasks within time.If time runs out then the current mission will be failed & you have to play the level from the beginning in order to progress through the game.Drive jumbo Prado Steering & show handsome driving skills in SUV going on the diversions & extraordinary mind-blowing rough cruiser drive.This Murree Motorway is little steep with the turns so fasten your seat belts on the snow in offroading 6X6 Prado jeep drive simulado.Drive Your jeep 7 hit the snowman to destroy them & earn high points & beat your own score.

Become a helicopter pilot....! Are you ready to play super intense hardcore Pro helicopter simulator action of Gunship Battle Strike War 2017? Engage military ground staff in this operation against terrorists of war.Carry out air strikes in disputed territories of military battle.Engage in Gunship battle combat missions across the world.City Helicopter Game 3D takes you on a flying adventure through the city skyline in this helicopter flying simulation game. Become the best helicopter pilot and fly through the city, making your way to the designated helipad where you must land the helicopter to complete each of the exciting levels in this helicopter flight simulation game. Be careful when flying the Pro helicopter to avoid hitting into the skyscrapers or you crash and have to retry the level and fly safer with Gunship Battle Strike War 2017

Become a helicopter pilot and engage in combat missions across the world.Maybe you have enjoyed helicopter flying and shooting games and fighting simulation games but this game will make you feel like real pilot soldier with realistic helicopter simulator.

Gunship Battle Strike War 2017 is the most immersive and realistic 3D helicopter battle action game available on Google Play. Launch the attack on the most dangerous terrorists now!

Game Features:

- Multiple helicopters with a variety of weapons and equipment- 40+ levels in Battle mode & ultimate challenging Boss mode- Realistic 3D graphics and stunning visual effects

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