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Monday, 23 January 2017

Google’s New Instant Tethering Lets You Easily Share Internet Across Devices

Google is bringing a new feature but one which very few users would mind. The company is releasing a feature called Instant Tethering, which will save you from loneliness should you lose Wi-Fi.

The idea is that if all your Google devices are logged-in by a same Google account, you’ll be able to share mobile internet between them from a device connected to mobile data. You’ll only need to configure your devices before the initial sign-in, after which you’ll see only a pop-up dialog box each time you use it.
The feature is currently being rolled out as a part of Google Play Services 10.2 but chances are you won’t like see it. That’s likely due to a server-side restriction, which means Google itself needs to permit the feature, which could delay its arrival. There could also be some restrictions from the side of carriers (which won’t be a surprise given so many of them prohibit mobile hotspots).

It is only available on Nexus and Pixel devices as of now, so the products taking use of the service include only the Pixel C and Nexus 9, probably. Supposedly, phones running on Android Marshmallow and later will be supported.

“Google Play Services 10.2 has started to roll out and it’s introducing a pretty nifty new feature: Instant tethering. Basically it works like that: If – say – your tablet has no data connection and you also have a phone connected to the same Google account, it can automatically offer to use the data connection of the phone – zero setup necessary, just a confirmation (well after the initial setup, obviously, you have to agree to use that feature).” Andreas Proschofsky
The tablet will make sure your non-3G tablet doesn’t remain idle should you remain in a non-connected area for too long.

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