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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Breed with a female to conceive baby cubs. Become the King of the jungle. Wilderness is full of Dangerous beasts that roam freely in the forest.
Control the beast in all its fury and help it survive by chasing, attacking, fighting and eating other animals. Both the animals are very angry and will not hold back. It will attack any animal that comes in its way. 

Lion Tiger Baby Animals Sim features:
The Lion Tiger Baby Animals Sim game is great for all simulation game lovers especially animal simulators. If you like the kings of the jungle to be in your control and reek havoc, you are going to love this animal vs animal challenge simulator.

•Beautiful, vast city environment
•Vibrant 3D graphics
•Cool background music
•Thrilling prey hunting challenges and wild safari
•Realistic lion animations

Challenge the king of the jungle in a one to one face-off. Build your reputation and assert your fury in the jungle by defeating the king of beasts. Challenge the tiger to a fight and defeat the ferocious wild animal. Fight other animals to increase your level else the other wild animals will kill you.
Cecil the Zimbabwean Lion was killed by poachers in summer 2015. Numerous animals, like Cecil, are slayed each year by hunters for no good reason.

Attack with the ferocity of a jungle king. Are you hungry?

**Install the #1 Lion Tiger Baby Animals Sim on Mobile Today**

There are different kinds of Lions and Tigers in the world, But, all the Lions and Tigers are dangerous for humans and other small animals in the jungle or mountain. The hobby of hunting Lions has always been a brave people hobby and game.

Enter the jungle and start your hunting in this wild tiger forest hunt. Go on hunting like lion and take out the safari animals. Play like a hungry beast animal that searches for its prey.

This is a definite download for all simulation lovers. The first every Lion Versus Tiger game that you are sure to love.

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