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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Battle War Strike 2017 The most advanced and thrilling Army Strike Battle Shooting mission Game is here

Modern wars and clashes will be fought in space which means you have to be prepared with your helicopters and gunships and other modern weapons which can be used in space. It is a best Shooting game ever regarding Gunship Helicopter. World of pacific Atlantic under naval war Bismarck.Whether you're a paintball player or a first-individual shooter fan, US Military Strike Battle will fulfill your yearning to impact the opposition! With pivotal movement and signal based controls including sliding, jumping, inclining out from cover, tossing explosives, and that's just the beginning, Fields of Battle takes the portable shooter experience to the challenging level. 

Battle gunship helicopters on Atlantic oceans, deep forests and hot deserts is all set to rush on. Apache Attack on jet fighters, Cobra Heli, F16, F18, army helicopters in this introductory modern war of military clashes is launched.
Battle War Strike 2017 offers thrilling world war challenge. Fight as frontline hero commando in furious tank & battle truck driver game. Drive hammer truck to destroy enemy war trucks and gunship helicopter. Transport missile to base camp by driving hill truck through offroad terrain. Driving battle truck in war zone is very dangerous.

According to the intelligence report, enemies have been have been setting up their military bases on the on the outskirts of the border area and preparing for an offensive strike against your country. Full military action could be devastating, resulting a full scale war. 


 Smooth game play and comfortable controls.

 Realistic air combats with 3D graphics.

 Experience the thrill of real jet fighter pilot.

 Challenging A.I controlled enemies.

 Enhance your gaming experience.

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